I love Free Software Day 2016

This is amazing campaign of FSFE

If you want to participate in the campaign, you can order promotion materials on FSFE site for free, but I had no time to do this.

I’m postcrossing user. So I decided to support the campaign with postcards. Unfortunately there is only one type of postcards available on the FSFE site. Therefore I made another four postcards based on other FSFE promotion materials (flyer, posters, sticker). All images are made for the same size 141 mm x 100 mm. This makes possible to place four postcards on standard A4 page.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can download images here:

  1. IloveFS-front-1
  2. IloveFS-front-2
  3. IloveFS-front-3
  4. IloveFS-front-4
  5. IloveFS-front-5
  6. IloveFS-back

All these images are available under the same licence CC0 as original sources.



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