Run GUI applications with different locale

Hi, everybody. There are a lot of environment variables that change user interface. All this variables you can get with command “locale”. Supported locales you can get with command ” locale -a”. But it does not mean, that all application will complete support all these language. Some application could be not translated.

When I’ve tested it, I used GNOME 2.28.1 with English system locale. To run application with other locale I used command. It is really simple, but I spent a lot of time to find out right command. I hope some people can spare your time with my first post. =)

LC_ALL= ru_RU.UTF8 gimp                 # (do not change UI)
LANG= ru_RU.UTF8 gimp                     # (do not change UI)
LC_MESSAGES= ru_RU.UTF8 gimp  # (do not change UI)

LANGUAGE=ru_RU.UTF8 gimp         # right command. UI will be changed in Russian. 😉

Have  a nice day and right locale.


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